Master Classes

An essential part of your dance training! Watch them online at Academy for Dance!

Access to courses with highly qualified, and respected, Master Teachers can provide you with a new perspective on corrections and your technique. Exposure to instruction outside of the local studio is often just what dancers need to have those much needed break throughs . Experience it all from anywhere, anytime and at your own pace with our online courses and start taking your training to the next level today.

How ready are you for class, auditions, performances or competitions? Going above and beyond and taking every opportunity to improve can make all the difference. Raise your game, set goals and REACH THEM.

Ballet Course Bundle

3 Courses with former New York City Ballet Dancer Barbara Seibert-Chatelain and BONUS 2 Two Hour Workshops with dancer Robbie Downey @balletfreak

Intro to Adult Beginner Ballet
Beginner Pointe
Two 2 Hour Workshops with barre and center plus all corrections. Include pirouettes and leaps. 

The Benefits of Multiple Teachers & Corrections Explained

Do you fully understand your corrections? Do you know what each exercise is for at barre or conditioning? When you truly understand you can apply, develop and grow. Hearing the same correction explained a different way by a different teacher can be a game changer for you. Seeing something in a different light can sometimes be all you need.
how to do ballet online

Experience and Mindset

Our mission is to bring to you the most experienced and sought after Master Teachers in dance.

Professionals with your best interest at heart and who understand that nurturing and positivity are important parts of learning. 

Mindset and believing in yourself is as important as your technique. It is our goal to provide you with a safe place to learn and grow. A place without judgement, criticism or competition.