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Press Play! Spend less than 15 minutes with our instructor, Christine, and change your view of stretching forever! 

  • (0:00) Identifying your reason for looking for a program
  • (1:35) Why some programs may not work for you & the most important thing you should know before selecting one.
  • (3:00) The 4 TOP challenges & reasons why you cannot get results plus finding a doable program  
  • (5:50) Finally getting your body to cooperate and become less resistant so discomfort will decrease
  • (7:00) Why stretching the same thing day after day goes against you. The importance of variety.
  • (8:45) How placement and alignment can completely change a stretch &&why your teacher MUST know anatomy.
  • (10:12) Flexibility bundle info &&how to use it and why you need to know WHY you are doing what you're doing to stay safe. 
  • (11:40) About the challenge. Hope you will join us!

The Ultimate Flexibility Bundle & 60 Day Challenge! Start Today!

Dance Has Evolved... Have Your Stretches?

Our bundle is a progressive yoga-based system, specifically designed for dancers by a flexibility expert & former dancer with 20+ years experience instructing dancers, athletes, yogis and all.

Increase flexibility and mobility at a safe and efficient rate. Learn effective ways to stretch for optimal results. Discover what REALLY regulates flexibility and how to approach stretching to decrease pain and injury. Master how to stretch smarter!

  • Higher Arabesque & Attitude Derriére
  • Improved Turn Out
  • Higher Battements & Kicks
  • A Gorgeous Grand Jeté
  • Beautiful Extensions
  • Show Stopping Leg Pirouettes
  • Beautiful Illusions
  • Amazing Lay Outs 
  • Better Leaps - Including Back Leaps
  • Enhanced Tilts
  • Improved Front and Middle Splits
  • Effortless Front and Back Walkovers
  • Improved Penché, Scorpion, Needles and Firebird
  • Conditioning and Warm Ups Too

Consistency is key when it comes to stretching. Stick with the stretches in the bundle and you will see and feel a difference. Join our 60 day challenge! 

What's Included?

1) Higher Arabesque & Attitude Derriére Sequences ( 18 Videos):  

The Higher Arabesque and Attitude Derriere Program includes 18 stretches. Your total weekly stretch time is 34 - 40 minutes, depending on which schedule you choose to follow.  

Stretching 2x per week will require 34 minutes. Stretching 3x per week will require 40 minutes.  

2) Higher Battements &Kicks Sequences (19 Videos):  

The Higher Battements Stretch Program includes 19 stretches. Your total weekly stretch time is 40 - 45 minutes, depending on which schedule you choose to follow.  

Stretching 2x per week will require 40 minutes. Stretching 3x per week will require 45 minutes.  

3) Conditioning Series for a Balanced Body (3 Videos)  

  • Core Conditioning for Dancers (Video 22:47)
  • Get Moving (Video 24:45) for Flexibility, Balance and Control
  • Dynamic Mobility (Video 16:09): A Dynamic Class for Flexibility, Balance and Control  

4) Five eBook programs with video exercises  

  • Hip Flexibility and Front Splits (ebook 34 pgs & 13 videos)
  • Inner Hip and Middle Splits (ebook 29 pgs & 9 videos) 
  • Dancer / Scorpion Pose (ebook 32 pgs)
  • Hamstring Flexibility Plan (ebook 32 pgs & 11 Videos)
  • One Footed King Pigeon (ebook 32 pgs)  

5) 60 Day Flexibility Challenge with 62 Videos - Phase 1 - Closed Hip Splits, Arabesques and Attitude Derriére  

  • Day 1 - Warm Up Video (22:47 Min) & 9 Video Stretch Sequence (18 min)  
  • Day 2 - Warm Up Video (24:45 Min) & 11 Video Stretch Sequence (22 Min)  
  • Day 3 - Warm Up Video (16:09 Min) & 13 Video Stretch Sequence  
  • Day 4 - Rest or Optional Recovery Video (10:29 Min)  
  • Day 5 - Warm Up Video (22:47 Min) & 9 Video Stretch Sequence (16 Min)  
  • Day 6 - Warm UP Video (16:09 Min) & 4 Stretch Sequence 1 (22 Min) plus 9 Video Stretch Sequence 2.  
  • Day 7 - Rest or Optional Recovery Video (15:20 Min)

You will stick with the same stretch sequences for the 8 weeks. Consistency, familiarity and accountability is key to progress and success. If you fully show up and follow the stretch curriculum every week for the FULL 8 weeks you will see progress!  

  • Student Only Private Facebook Group
  • Course does not expire. 
  • Start when you like.
  • Streaming Videos (No Downloads Necessary)  

6) 60 Day Flexibility Challenge Phase 2 - Greatest improvements in Grande Battements and Middle Splits plus more. Launching Feb 15th. (included) 

*Beginners you may not go as deep as pictured, this is okay, flexibility goals happen over time. ​  

tight hip flexors

It's for Dancers, Gymnasts, Cheerleaders, Ice Skaters, and Yogis! It is also for teachers looking to add flexibility plans and stretch classes to their existing curriculum, with dance specific improvements in mind. ​

Hello Yogis! It's for you too! Many yogis also work towards increased mobility as this allows for more flexibility and range of motion in the hips. This translates to ease and freedom of movement and allows yogis to deepen and experience postures that they otherwise were limited in. Of course, in yoga achieving a posture is not the ultimate goal but coming to your edge and extending beyond your limitations is.

Get The Bundle One Payment $197 (reg price $247 buy now save $50)

Actual Value is over $500! Buy Now, Save $50 before it expires and Join Us for two 60 Day Flexibility Challenges!

  • We will provide you with ALL of the videos, schedules, education and support you need for safe flexibility gains.
  • 60 Day Challenge is for those enrolled in the Ultimate Flexibility Bundle & is a guided sequence of videos from the included stand alone courses. 
  • Instructions on how to track your progress are included along with a private Facebook group for students only.
  • Suitable for teachers, dancers in training, beginners, advanced and all ages.
  • Course does not expire. Go at your own pace.
  • Streaming Videos. Nothing to download. 
how to get flexible

At Academy for Dance we seek out the most qualified and trusted instructors in the industry!  

Meet Christine, our Flexibility Expert!

  • Former Dancer
  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology
  • Fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and RYT-500 certified
  • Studies also include DANCE, anatomy, kinesiology, fascial health, and most everything movement related.
  • Two decades guiding others to move with ease, strength and confidence.
  • Condition, stretch and recovery programs created for dancers by dancers.
  • Advocates for HEALTHY physical, mental and emotional development in dancers.

  • Our online 60 Day Flexibility Challenge is for enrolled students. Interactive private (student only) Facebook group included to keep you on track! Closed Hip Splits, Arabesques and Attitude Derriére will be the focus of phase 1.  
  • Second 60 day Challenge will be the greatest improvements in Grande Battements and Middle Splits plus more.  
  • All doable with The Ultimate Flexibility Bundle created by a former dancer with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and Yoga/Pilates Certified!  
  • The content and streaming videos do not expire. Work at your own pace or follow along the challenge. FOUR months of guided training to get you on the right path!  
  • So much flexibility education you will become an expert yourself. Learn to stretch the right way, avoid injury and setbacks caused by other methods or improper techniques and amaze yourself with your progress!  
  • Suitable for studio owners, teachers, late starters, adults, advanced students, beginners, athletes, dancers and YOGIS or anyone frustrated with their lack of progress or needing a guided routine.  

A Vital Tool for Beginners, Advanced, Teachers & Yogis

how to get flexible

1) Beginners:

Not ALL dancers are naturally flexible. And for a dancer, especially a beginning dancer, this can be very frustrating! But with the proper stretches, proper approach to stretching and proper stretch sequences EVERYONE can develop a healthy range of flexibility.  

The Ultimate Flexibility Bundle does just that. It breaks down the steps, placement and alignment of each stretch. It teaches you how to approach stretching...and YES your approach matters a LOT! And it provides you with an easy to follow weekly stretch schedule. This program is designed for beginners to advanced students and everyone in between. If you do the program you will see progress! 

We have people using our program from 8 to 65 years old!

flexibility for leaps

2) Intermediate to Advanced: Even the most advanced and flexible of dancers will benefit from our Ultimate Flexibility Bundle. Avoid future limitations to your turn out and extensions! 

Due to the repetitive nature of dance and lack of variety of stretches in the dance world even the most flexible of dancers develop tension or tightness in some area of their body.  

The courses in the Ultimate Flexibility Bundle properly stretch ALL parts of the body! This ensures that dancers, even the most flexible ones, aren’t tight in some of the most hard to stretch areas. Such as, their deep 6 external hip rotators and abductors. A VERY common place of tightness in dancers and one that if not properly stretched will limit many dance related movements such as, turn out, leg extensions, arabesques, penches and much, much more. 

3) Teachers are you looking for new and effective stretches and stretch sequences that you can easily add to your weekly class curriculum? Then our Flexibility Program can help! 

Ask us how you can add it to your curriculum and use it as an extra source of revenue.  

It is a great way to introduce you and your students to a wide variety of stretches that dancers need to be doing to maximize their overall flexibility and mobility.

  • Our Flexibility Program also covers “How To Approach Stretching” along with a variety of dance specific stretch sequences designed to help your students reach important dance milestones, like their front splits and middle splits.
  • As well as improve many dance specific movements, such as turn out, Arabesques, Penches, Leg Extensions and much more!
  • Proper stretching is the prerequisite for successfully achieving the technical aspects of dance.
  • Make sure you are providing these “prerequisites” to your dancers to set them up for success now and for years to come!  

"While attending and judging dance competitions in Utah, I noticed an increase in flexibility and lines with certain studios that hadn’t looked that way in previous years. I was slightly perplexed because I knew it was something more than just ballet that was getting these dancers to look the way they did. (Effortless flexibly, beautiful lines) After doing some investigating, I found out that these studios had implemented Christine's method into their program." ~Laila Hardman (Studio Owner)

"This training program has been professional and easy to navigate. Christine is extremely knowledgeable and clearly explains topics that are otherwise difficult to grasp. When looking at programs, safety has always been top priority for me as well as those whom I teach. I have full confidence that Christine provides a program that is not only safe, but healing and unbelievably effective!" ~Misty Myler (Teacher)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Christine's Training! All the information is so valuable and accessible. Christine teaches so many stretches and postures that aren't readily used in many dance classes and that take a different approach to the same stretches that have been around. They are so functional and great to add to your existing curriculum to vamp up your regular routine. I love that there are more dynamic postures as well, to help build mobility. I am a huge believer in mindful movement and utilizing the breath for dancers, and this training covers this as well, teaching the use of the breath to achieve the greatest results with the postures. Such a great training!" ~Whitnee Elaine (Teacher)

"I just wanted to let you know that I've attempted the first part of the "Front Splits" series, and I already love it. I am the director of Municipal Ballet Co., a small Salt Lake City ballet company. I've started to try dancing for myself again (after many years away,) and decided to try to conquer my fear of the splits (and other feats of flexibility.) I really like your philosophy, and I'm excited to try it regularly! Thank you." ~Sarah Longoria (Director of Municipal Ballet Co.)

"After just doing the warm up I could feel a difference in my range of motion! The combination of core strengthening and very specific stretching truly changed my flexibility and overall lines! I also love that my body felt relaxed and elongated - which is great for someone who dances more than one style :)"  

 ~Sofia (Freelance dancer in LA and a proud Ailey School Alumni)

"The length of each video was perfect. Also, very easy to understand and follow along. I could pause if needed and Christine explains the stretches so clearly and what they are for (so you know what you are targeting). Great details for each stretch! It works!"  

~Robbie Downey (Colorado Ballet Studio Company) Photo credit : Jana Carson

"In short, Christine's method has changed my life. It makes me feel better about myself, my body and my dancing. It has undoubtedly helped me realize how much I can do." ~Lindsay C. Nanshville, TN

"Christine has helped me in so many ways! I’ve improved on my turns, flexibility, strength and decreased the stress in my life. This is great for EVERYONE!” ~Mckinley

"There is nothing more rewarding and self-fulfilling than this class. It has helped me grow as a dancer and an individual. I know how to control my stress and how to manage it without letting it get me too upset. It has taught me that I can get through hard and uncomfortable situations whether it’s real life or holding a really hard (painful) yoga position. I am stronger and more flexible. I recognize my breathing constantly now more than ever especially when I am dancing. I don’t know what I would do without this method. I wish I could take it for the rest of my life. It’s AMAZING! This class helped me figure out what I want to be and helps me get there, in my dancing life and everyday life. I love it.“ ~Alysia P.

"Christine has helped me connect to my body and I feel more confident about myself! I have become way more flexible. This is funny, but I am less stressed. When I come home from class I always feel like myself. I don’t feel so much pressure. I feel like I can do it! When I breath I realize I can do so much more. When I do Christine's method I can feel myself. I could write so much more. I love it!” ~Sami H.

"This class helped me relax, breath, and become more flexible. This made me do better turns, be more flexible, and move better. It makes me feel healthier and makes me want to do this stuff at home!” ~Jessica S.

"I feel more open as I take this class, like nothing can stop me! If you step outside of your comfort zone then you will want to move and feel all the muscles in your body. After I take this class I feel like I can do everything and anything!” ~CC S.

"This class has helped me so much in and out of dance. I’ve learned to never give up, ever, and that sometimes you’re not going to get things the first time but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get it. This class has also helped me use my brain and not just my body in hard poses. Thank you!” ~Lauren C.

This class has helped me so much in and out of dance. I’ve learned to never give up, ever, and that sometimes you’re not going to get things the first time but that doesn’t mean you’ll never get it. This method has also helped me use my brain and not just my body in hard poses. Thank you!” ~Eden C.

"I just wanted to write and tell you what a big impact you have had on my life for the past many years and especially this year. You have influenced not only my dancing career, but have taught me so much about myself and the real world. The lessons you have given me have made me think differently. I feel like I can come tell or talk to you about anything and you will have a solution and you always know the right thing to say. Every week I look forward to attending your class because I finish feeling so much better about myself. No matter what we do I always learn something. I am truly going to miss you classes and everything about them, they have helped me in more ways than I could imagine. Thank you for your example and always pushing me to become better. I have been blessed to have a teacher like you and I will always remember your influence.” ~Haileigh B.

The information, postures and exercises in the flexibility courses are designed to release muscular, fascial and neural tension and greatly improve your range of motion. Christine's particular approach is a highly efficient way to assist in deepening both flexibility and mobility. View all content and follow the guidelines closely; do not force ANY of the stretches. This can lead to pain and injury, which over time, will decrease your flexibility and mobility.  

Listen to your body, be patient, be smart and breathe deep. Force will not work when it comes to stretching. Your nervous system regulates flexibility and eventually it will override the force, likely in the form of an injury.

**This program is not intended for individuals with injuries that could be aggravated by stretching. 

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Actual value is over $500. Buy now and save an extra $50. 

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