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Are Your Hip-Flexors Holding You Back?

At times and depending on the position of your hip you can have up to 10 muscles opposing hip extension. These are your hip flexors.They can really get in the way and block your freedom of movement.

Learn to improve flexibility and range of motion in the hips with EASE, EFFICIENCY and WITHOUT CAUSING DAMAGE TO THE HAMSTRINGS.

Dancers can improve...

  • Splits
  • Arabesques 
  • Penchés
  • Leg Hold Turns
  • Grand Battements
  • Grand Jetés
  • Scorpion
  • Firebird 

Yogis can improve...  

  • Monkey Pose
  • Dancer Pose
  • One-Footed King Pigeon
  • Floor Bow Pigeon Pose
  • Upward Facing Bow Pose
  • Upward Facing Two Footed Staff Pose

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You may be able to do the splits but still have tight hip flexors. If this is the case you are putting more strain on the hamstrings than you need to. Over time, this will lead to strain on the hamstrings and eventually you will experience limited mobility in the back of the legs and you will still have tight hip flexors. This will continue to limit your mobility and flexibility, particularly hip extension, meaning anything you do with one leg behind you.

"The ability to do the splits correctly affects many aspects of dance and is one of the foundations for success. The splits translate to an ability to meet the technically challenging aspects of dance with ease and efficiency. Without this you will have to work a whole lot harder as a dancer." 

At Academy for Dance we seek out the most qualified and trusted instructors in the industry!  

Meet Christine, our Flexibility Expert!  

  • Former Dancer
  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology
  • Fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and RYT-500 certified
  • Studies also include DANCE, anatomy, kinesiology, fascial health, and most everything movement related.
  • Two decades guiding others to move with ease, strength and confidence.
  • Condition, stretch and recovery programs created for dancers by dancers.
  • Advocates for HEALTHY physical, mental and emotional development in dancers.

What's Included:  

  • Top 5 Stretches for Moving Towards Correct Splits Without Injuring Your Hamstrings 
  • Why We Stretch in Neutral
  • How to Modify Stretches
  • The Video That Will Change The Way You Think About Stretching Forever!
  • Educational Modules Like The Ones Shown Below  

-Tight hip flexors & hamstring strain... is your stretch routine going against you?  

-The truth about fast flexibility...are short cuts okay?  

-What is a proper warm up & can you hold stretches for more than 30 seconds?  

-The busiest muscles in dance could be disrupting your flexibility goals...  

-Muscles don't actually stretch  

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