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GET YOUR STUDENTS UNSTUCK & TAKE THEIR FLEXIBILITY SAFELY TO THE NEXT LEVEL! Let's face it, you don't know what you don't know. Enough sequences for the entire year! Increase studio/personal income with extra flexibility classes!

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Here's Everything That's Included...

60 Day Challenge ONE  


Hip Flexors and Quad, Outer Hip, Lateral Thigh and Calf, Deep 6 External Hip Rotators, Inner Hip and Thigh, Hamstrings, Shoulders, Mid-Back and Spine will be the focus during this phase as they can ALL oppose the positions we are aiming to improve. Daily warm up & vital conditioning videos are included. Variety is key to stretching. If you want to see safe and effective gains in your flexibility, it’s essential that your stretch routine needs variety! (Over 65 streaming video modules)

  • Day 1 - Warm Up Video (22 Min) & 9 Video Stretch Sequence (18 min)  
  • Day 2 - Warm Up Video (24 Min) & 11 Video Stretch Sequence (22 Min)  
  • Day 3 - Warm Up Video (16 Min) & 13 Video Stretch Sequence  
  • Day 4 - Rest or Optional Recovery Video (10:29 Min)  
  • Day 5 - Warm Up Video (22 Min) & 9 Video Stretch Sequence (16 Min)  
  • Day 6 - Warm UP Video (16 Min) & 4 Stretch Sequence 1 (22 Min) plus 9 Video Stretch Sequence 2.  
  • Day 7 - Rest or Optional Recovery Video (15 Min)

60 Day Challenge TWO  


Focus: How to find a neutral pelvis and spine. How to condition the deep core stabilizers of the spine even more so that the psoas can stop acting as a segmental spinal stabilizer of the lumbar spine and work only to flex the hips. For dancers this is crucial. There are a lot of hip issues in the dance world that could be avoided with proper conditioning. They are due to the psaos trying to do two jobs when it really needs to focus on one, hip flexion. (65+ streaming video modules. Daily routines.)

  • Neutral Pelvis and Spine, Accessing Turnout, Hip Flexor Awareness Exercise - 7 Videos  
  • Day 1 - Warm Up Video (12 Min) & 10 Video Stretch Sequence (20 min)  
  • Day 2 - Warm Up Video (16 Min) & 10 Video Stretch Sequence (12 Min)  
  • Day 3 - Warm Up Video (15 Min) & 9 Video Stretch Sequence (15min)
  • Day 4 - Rest or Optional FULL Recovery Class Video (65 Min)  
  • Day 5 - Warm Up Video (12 Min) & 10 Video Stretch Sequence (20 Min)  
  • Day 6 - Warm UP Video (16 Min) & 13 Video Stretch Sequence (18 Min) 
  • Day 7 - Rest or Optional Core Video or Recovery Video (15 Min)


Focusing on how to find a neutral pelvis and spine and how to condition the deep core stabilizers of the spine even more in this 60 Day Challenge so that the psoas can stop acting as a segmental spinal stabilizer of the lumbar spine and work only to flex the hips.  

For dancers this is crucial. There are a lot of hip issues in the dance world that could be avoided with proper conditioning. They are due to the psaos trying to do two jobs when it really needs to focus on one, hip flexion.  

Bad posture can affect ALL leg extensions, turnout, upper body mobility, balance and yes... even your pirouettes!

Also included...  


You will learn to properly warm up, engage and connect with your deep core muscles that support the spine and allow for efficiency of movement. Learn to move through full joint range of motion and lengthen and strengthen the body as a whole. Train with dynamic movement. These mobility exercises stimulate the nervous system, muscles, tendons and joints which prepares and conditions the body for the vigorous training that is part of dance, athletics and life. (3 videos)

  • Core Conditioning for Dancers (Video 22:47)
  • Get Moving (Video 24:45) for Flexibility, Balance and Control
  • Dynamic Mobility (Video 16:09): A Dynamic Class for Flexibility, Balance and ControlFinally getting your body to cooperate and become less resistant so discomfort will decrease

Extensions Routine 1 


Designed to stretch the muscles and surrounding fascia in the common areas holding you back from your highest and best arabesque. Additional Dance Specific Improvements Include: Penchès, Grande Jetès, Front Splits, Lay Outs, Fire Bird Jumps, Scorpions, Needles, Front and Back Walkovers, Turn Out. (18 Stretches)

  • The Higher Arabesque and Attitude Derriere Program includes 18 stretches.
  • Your total weekly stretch time is 34 - 40 minutes, depending on which schedule you choose to follow.  
  • Stretching 2x per week will require 34 minutes.
  • Stretching 3x per week will require 40 minutes.  

Extensions Routine 2


Designed to stretch the muscles and surrounding fascia in the common areas holding you back from your highest and best battements (aka kicks). Additional Dance Specific Improvements Include: Grande Jetès, Front Splits, Tilts, Leg Pirouettes, Illusions, Back Leaps. (19 Videos)

  • The Higher Battements Stretch Program includes 19 stretches.
  • Your total weekly stretch time is 40 - 45 minutes, depending on which schedule you choose to follow.  
  • Stretching 2x per week will require 40 minutes.
  • Stretching 3x per week will require 45 minutes.  

Even More Sequences!


Get 5 Ebooks and join hundreds of other enrolled students in our private, student only, Facebook Support Group.

  • Hip Flexibility and Front Splits (ebook 34 pgs & 13 videos)
  • Inner Hip and Middle Splits (ebook 29 pgs & 9 videos) 
  • Dancer / Scorpion Pose (ebook 32 pgs)
  • Hamstring Flexibility Plan (ebook 32 pgs & 11 Videos)
  • One Footed King Pigeon (ebook 32 pgs)  
  • (some ebooks do have videos as a courtesy, but not all exercises or books have videos)  

Splits Made Simple is also included! That's another 3 sequences you can use and rotate. 

The most efficient and effective stretch sequences needed for...  

  • Open Hip Front Splits
  • Closed Hip Front Splits
  • Inner/Middle Splits!
  • Each has 12-13 videos plus one straight through video of all the yoga based stretches in that section (with no pauses to press play). 
  • There is also another warm up (so you are getting 4 warm ups total) suitable for pre-teens, teens and seniors.

Do your students practice their splits to get all the way down in the splits? (a.k.a sitting in the splits)  

The short answer is NO.  

If you are sitting in the splits, or as close as you can get right now, this is NOT going to help you achieve your splits all the way down.  

What does our Flexibility Expert Christine have to say about it?  

You don't run 24 or 26 miles without first running one mile to learn how to run a marathon. Splits are NOT a prerequisite for the actual splits.  

To achieve the splits you target the muscles that oppose the splits.  

You want to achieve your splits safely and effectively WITHOUT damaging your hamstrings. This is exactly what happens when you sit in your splits hoping eventually you will sink all the way down.  

You can strain ligaments and muscles and even tear your muscles.  

You can actually create long term problems and lose stability in the joint.  

The goal can't be the tool. Don't sit in the splits (as far as you can go) to get your splits.  

You must give yourself time and space to work up to the splits so you are not injured and creating setbacks in the process. Patience is KEY! You have to accept that.  

Students are not getting the proper tools to achieve the splits which is why SO MANY struggle with this and can't succeed or succeed without creating future issues.  

Splits are the foundation of many other positions in dance and yoga so it's best to start with a strong and correct foundation.  

You can work on them 3x-4x a week for 30 minutes (yep that is all). Some people will get them in 3 weeks and some may take 60 days or more. It's not a competition and it's not a race.  

Effective, Guided, Safe Programs with the Variety you need to Avoid Setbacks and See Results.

Adding variety into your daily and weekly stretch sequences ensures that you avoid under stretching and overstretching your students. It works to safely improve flexibility and mobility, while decreasing your chance of pain and injury.  

The Dancer’s Ultimate Flexibility Bundle Professional Edition offers a lot of variety! In fact, this program includes over 65 yoga inspired stretches, all of which target a variety of muscles, to ensure that all muscles and muscle groups are sufficiently stretched. We want everyone participating to experience success. If you follow the programs... you will!

how to get flexible


When seeking flexibility gains make sure you are training with an experienced and qualified instructor. They must be knowledgeable in anatomy, physiology, proper alignment & technique for dancers. There is no point in getting your leg up higher if everything else goes out of place or if you injure yourself.

Meet Christine, our Flexibility Expert!  

  • Former Dancer 
  • B.S. in Exercise Physiology  
  • Fully certified STOTT Pilates Instructor Trainer  
  • Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 and RYT-500 certified  
  • Studies also include DANCE, anatomy, kinesiology, fascial health, and most everything movement related.  
  • Two decades guiding others to move with ease, strength and confidence.  
  • Condition, stretch and recovery programs created for dancers by dancers.  
  • Advocates for HEALTHY physical, mental and emotional development in dancers.


We are NOT a get flexible quick program! In fact, we don’t believe in taking shortcuts to reach your maximum flexibility. We believe that increasing your flexibility is a process that requires patience and consistency in conjunction with a safe and effective system. That is what our stretch programs are ALL about: providing dancers, dance instructors and dance studio owners safe and effective stretch systems for long-lasting and sustainable flexibility.  

Taking shortcuts will bypass certain muscle groups and can increase your chance of injury. Unfortunately, many stretch related injuries happen over time and in small increments. Therefore, dancers are often unaware of the injury until it’s too late. So take a deep breath, slow down and commit to patiently going through the process of reaching YOUR maximum flexibility and range of motion. 

A Vital Tool for Beginners, Advanced, Teachers & Yogis

how to get flexible

1) Beginners:  

Not ALL dancers are naturally flexible. And for a dancer, especially a beginning dancer, this can be very frustrating! But with the proper stretches, proper approach to stretching and proper stretch sequences EVERYONE can develop a healthy range of flexibility.  

The Ultimate Flexibility Bundle does just that. It breaks down the steps, placement and alignment of each stretch. It teaches you how to approach stretching...and YES your approach matters a LOT! And it provides you with an easy to follow weekly stretch schedule. This program is designed for beginners to advanced students and everyone in between. If you do the program you will see progress!  

Create the habit, practice with variety, be consistent and avoid setbacks!  

We have people using our program from 8 to 65 years old!

flexibility for leaps

2) Intermediate to Advanced:  

Even the most advanced and flexible of dancers will benefit from our Ultimate Flexibility Bundle. Avoid future limitations to your turn out and extensions!  

Due to the repetitive nature of dance and lack of variety of stretches in the dance world even the most flexible of dancers develop tension or tightness in some area of their body.  

The courses in the Ultimate Flexibility Bundle Pro properly stretch ALL parts of the body! This ensures that dancers, even the most flexible ones, aren’t tight in some of the most hard to stretch areas. Such as, their deep 6 external hip rotators and abductors.  

A VERY common place of tightness in dancers and one that if not properly stretched will limit many dance related movements such as, turn out, leg extensions, arabesques, penches and much, much more. 

3) Teachers are you looking for new and effective stretches and stretch sequences that you can easily add to your weekly class curriculum? Then our Flexibility Program can help!  

Add it to your curriculum and use it as an extra source of revenue. Add adult beginner classes. Stretch labs are popping up everywhere. Why not your studio?  

It is a great way to introduce you and your students to a wide variety of stretches that dancers need to be doing to maximize their overall flexibility and mobility.  

Our Flexibility Program also covers “How To Approach Stretching” along with a variety of dance specific stretch sequences designed to help your students reach important dance milestones, like their front splits and middle splits.  

As well as improve many dance specific movements, such as turn out, Arabesques, Penches, Leg Extensions and much more!  

Proper stretching is the prerequisite for successfully achieving the technical aspects of dance.  

Make sure you are providing these “prerequisites” to your dancers to set them up for success now and for years to come!  

 Testimonials & Student Progress Photos! 

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NOTICE! This offer expires when the timer runs out! 

The actual value of this system is over $440!

  • Our bundle is as close as you can get to one on one personal instruction, with an expert, without the recurring expenses associated with private lessons.
  • Nothing to download, streaming videos that do not expire.
  • You get lifetime access to the courses guaranteed for at least one year after your purchase and indefinitely as long as we remain online and in business!
  • Established in 2015 and growing every day!
  • Access your courses across all devices via any web browser*.
  • Direct teacher access in the student only facebook group for extra support if needed.
  • Contact us any time. Your success is our success! We are here to help.  

*Data charges may apply if wifi is not accessible.  

Teach these sequences so stretching is safe and familiar. Stop over-stretching/under-stretching your students, maximize stretches and help them gain more range of motion. Nothing has been left out. It's up to you... One Day or Day One. You Decide. 

While attending and judging dance competitions in Utah, I noticed an increase in flexibility and lines with certain studios that hadn’t looked that way in previous years. I was slightly perplexed because I knew it was something more than just ballet that was getting these dancers to look the way they did. (Effortless flexibly, beautiful lines) After doing some investigating, I found out that these studios had implemented Christine's method into their program."  

~Laila Hardman (Studio Owner)

"This training program has been professional and easy to navigate. Christine is extremely knowledgeable and clearly explains topics that are otherwise difficult to grasp. When looking at programs, safety has always been top priority for me as well as those whom I teach. I have full confidence that Christine provides a program that is not only safe, but healing and unbelievably effective!"  

~Misty Myler (Teacher)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Christine's Training! All the information is so valuable and accessible. Christine teaches so many stretches and postures that aren't readily used in many dance classes and that take a different approach to the same stretches that have been around. They are so functional and great to add to your existing curriculum to vamp up your regular routine. I love that there are more dynamic postures as well, to help build mobility. I am a huge believer in mindful movement and utilizing the breath for dancers, and this training covers this as well, teaching the use of the breath to achieve the greatest results with the postures. Such a great training!"  

~Whitnee Elaine (Teacher)

"I just wanted to let you know that I've attempted the first part of the "Front Splits" series, and I already love it. I am the director of Municipal Ballet Co., a small Salt Lake City ballet company. I've started to try dancing for myself again (after many years away,) and decided to try to conquer my fear of the splits (and other feats of flexibility.) I really like your philosophy, and I'm excited to try it regularly! Thank you."  

~Sarah Longoria (Director of Municipal Ballet Co.)

7 Day Satisfaction Guarantee! 

You'll have access for the lifetime of the course (even if we stop selling it), for as long as Academy for Dance, LLC is in operation and GUARANTEED access for AT LEAST one year after you enroll regardless! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course - across any and all devices you own. Watch it as many times as you like. If you have failed payments on a payment plan for a course this will cause you to be unenrolled.

How hundreds of our students achieve flexibility gains, and improve their dancing at the same time, and how yours can too: (Actual testimonials down below)  

  • They have access to the truth, facts and proper flexibility education.  
  • Access to proven systems (THAT WORK) created by an accomplished expert and top authority in flexibility, dance and yoga.  
  • With the use of guided routines they create consistency and variety and unlock all of the "secrets" (a.k.a science based methods) to finally improve their flexibility.  
  • They learn how to toss bad habits and bad training. It's all fixable!  
  • They increase flexibility and mobility at a safe and efficient rate. No shortcuts or cheating positions.  
  • Students learn effective & efficient ways to stretch for optimal results vs. over-stretching or under-stretching or only doing stretches they like. They spend less time stretching and have better results. Are you overstretching your students?  
  • By discovering what REALLY regulates flexibility and how to approach stretching to decrease pain and injury. Did you know that muscles don't actually stretch and that understanding your nervous system is a game changer?  
  • They know what causes discomfort and how to manage that to stick with the program or go to the next level. Students that stick with the programs and challenges see results. We provide the systems you provide the patience, instruction and a safe place to learn.  
  • They know how to modify stretches, correct common deviations and stretch by how it feels not how it looks. They are flexibility educated and may know more than anyone else at their studio. Teachers! You definitely need to know more than your students! Are you too focused on how they look while stretching? Learn why this is the wrong approach.  
  • They follow a very specific road map (not short cuts). You will love our sequences that save you time and frustration building stretch curriculums that may or may not work or may or may not be safe! We provide conditioning videos as well.  
  • They know taking shortcuts will bypass certain muscle groups and increase chance of injury further delaying flexibility gains and preventing long-lasting and sustainable flexibility (the ultimate goal)! Are you teaching shortcuts?  
  • Our students master how to stretch smarter and avoid setbacks or long term problems. They know how to recognize improper training or suggestions and stay safe. Knowledge = power = results! Are you confident that your training is safe?  

We want your students to know as much as our students! Let's kill the frustration and setbacks and give them the results they long for. Flexibility gains build confidence! Educated teachers get results safely and effectively.