Bookmark this page! You don't want to miss this. Perfect for teachers, students, adults, & competition dancers. A certificate of completion is available. Start LIVE! for $22 on May 15th. Pre-recorded training is also available (8+ hours of video). Sample Video at the bottom of the page.

Perfect Pirouettes and Perfect Pirouettes LIVE! are online trainings created by professional classical ballet dancer Robbie Downey. Robbie has 14+ years of training at the top schools in the country (including American Ballet Theatre & Ellison Ballet) and several years of experience dancing in professional productions with California Ballet, San Diego Ballet, Phoenix Ballet, and Colorado Ballet.


ENROLL NOW Pre-Recorded
Or Join me LIVE! Online 5/15- 6/25

Perfect for ballet dancers of all ages, tweens, pre-pro, competition dancers, theatre performers, beginners to advanced. Recordings of LIVE! will be provided. On pointe or flat is okay.

In my online course! Access all of the corrections...

  • Coupé
  • Standing leg
  • Falling out
  • Arm Shape & Placement
  • Spotting
  • Preparation
  • Force
  • Turn Well on both sides 
  • Starting points 4th, 5th
  • Bobble head
  • Passé position
  • Supporting leg
  • Core
  • Rib cage
  • Sway back
  • Alignment
  • Pulling Up
  • Shoulders
  • Neck
  • Hips
  • Staying up
  • Exiting
  • Multiple rotations
  • Over box
  • Sickling or pronating

  • Coordination & timing of take off and getting to passé
  • Traction & Friction
  • Falls & Fear of
  • Musicality
  • Consistency
  • Presentation
  • Fouéttes

From Robbie.

I am going to be working with dancers LIVE! (online) starting May 15th (once a week for an hour or so) for 7 weeks. You should warm-up prior because every workshop is about pirouettes the entire time.

Summer intensives, competitions, performances, and fall classes will be here before you know it. Even partnering requires some solid pirouettes!

Many dancers struggle with fear of turning or falling out, confidence, inconsistently clean turns, and choking on stage. AGH!

The secret is PRACTICE and a proper foundation. I have seen a lot of pirouettes at competitions that are many, many, many rotations BUT sloppy. You wouldn't really know what sloppy is unless you know the ins and outs of how they actually work and should look. Judges and teachers, and classmates, are watching. Annoying... I know. So much pressure which does not help at all.

Can you join me LIVE! online for just $22 a session? I will be doing Q & A sessions after each one-hour workshop. Recordings will be available for those that miss or can't make it.

You can see all the workshops here and register through Eventbrite.

This is a great supplement to my online pre-recorded pirouettes course. I encourage you to join me if you still aren't nailing those turns. You can grab one or both of my trainings (recorded or live)!

The time to work on your pirouettes is right now. Then you can look back in a couple of months and be glad you started when you did. Spots are limited for each session. I hope to see you there.

Need one on one corrections or feedback... check out all my options here.

Grab your virtual pass for Perfect Pirouettes LIVE! before it fills up.

I am going to pack so much value and experience into these sessions don't miss out. The recordings will be yours to keep as well. =)

I am also teaching in-person classes in the South Bay/Los Angeles. If you're local come try your first class on me. Just ask me how. There is a chat feature in the lower right corner.

Tell a friend that might like to join you! I appreciate it.

XOXO Robbie Downey

Sample Video

ENROLL NOW Pre-Recorded
Or Join me LIVE! Online 5/15- 6/25

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