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"Robbie’s classes are fantastic. She gives a thorough barre with personal attention and individualized corrections, followed by the kind of center that dancers love, with lots of turns and lyricism. Plenty of pro tips, too! And it’s very inspiring to watch her demonstrate! She is a lovely dancer and an observant, knowledgeable teacher."

- Heather M.

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"Robbie is the most amazing ballet instructor I've ever had! She gives wonderful corrections and super helpful tips!! It's hard to express with words how truly wonderful her ballet classes are!!!"

- Nicole A.

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"Robbie is a great teacher.  I appreciate her attention to detail and constructive corrections for all students.  She takes time to clearly explain and educate us in proper technique.  In addition, Robbie is very encouraging throughout the class.  She clearly has a passion for teaching ballet and I look forward to many more classes with her.

Can't wait to see you again....luv ya my new dance friend :)"

- Matt F.

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"Robbie’s ballet class covers the basics of a typical ballet class, but offers many layers for those who desire increased challenge. She clearly offers modifications for those who desire them. I was pleased how she is able to communicate clearly, demonstrate and provide specific points of feedback for group and individual correction for technique growth.  I am thankful to be a recipient of a class for my own benefit, as she is figuring out tech issues as well as best viewing options. There were a few times when sound went in and out - but it didn’t impact the quality of the class. I am looking forward to the next class."

- Lisa A.